Agent Compliance

When you joined eXp Realty as an independent agent, you agreed to conduct your business within the guidelines of our Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA), eXp’s Policies and Procedures, and the Agent Attraction Pledge. These policies are in place to protect you and mitigate risk for eXp and our ability to conduct business legally and ethically. We know that it isn’t always the easiest thing to remember each one of these guidelines so the Agent Compliance team is here to help.

eXp’s Agent Compliance team is focused on empowering you to grow your real estate business. We’re proud to provide you with content, tools, and resources to guide you as you engage in lead generation, real estate marketing and transactions, and agent attraction. We work hard to maintain an even playing field for all of our agents, we diligently safeguard the eXp Realty brand, and we give you somewhere to turn to when you need help with any compliance-related matter. 

Connect With Our Team

[email protected]

Use this email to reach out to our team any time. We’re happy to answer your questions confidentially, investigate potential violations, and review your agent-created content. Most inquiries receive a response on the very same business day they were received.  

We also invite you to reach out to our team members individually. Get to know our staff using the resource below:

Cory Haggard
VP of Agent Compliance
[email protected]

Boyd Bastian
VP, Global Compliance Development
[email protected]

Maisha Sheldon
Compliance Communications Specialist
[email protected]

Tracy Sease
Manager of Agent Compliance
[email protected]

Gary Loest
Compliance Officer
[email protected]

Karla Sanders
Compliance Officer
[email protected]

Natasha Kakish
Compliance Officer
[email protected]

Visit Our Office in eXp World

Want to talk to someone live and “in person”? Then join us in eXp World where a member of our staff is available to assist you in the Agent Compliance offices Monday – Friday from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. ET. Simply navigate to GO TO → Agent Compliance → AC Offices and a friendly specialist will gladly answer your questions.

In addition to our office, the Agent Compliance team hosts a self help area that is available to you 24/7 in eXp World. Get access to information, FAQs, and other useful items by navigating in the menu GO TO → Agent Compliance → AC Self Help. We’ll see you there!

Agent Compliance Workplace Group


Another fantastic resource available for you any time is our Agent Compliance Workplace group. We use Workplace to interact with agents, post scheduled educational opportunities, answer frequently asked questions, provide updates to policies, and make sense of all the “legalese” that can sometimes be confusing. Join our community by following the Agent Compliance Workplace Group today!

Important Documents

eXp Ethics in Action Award

At eXp Realty we live our lives and work each day guided by 9 powerful Core Values. We have something truly special and we want to recognize agents that are leading us by doing things the RIGHT way. 

The eXp Ethics in Action Award is a recognition program sponsored by the Agent Compliance team that highlights exceptional agent behavior related to eXp’s Core Values, adherence to the Policies and Procedures, commitment to the ICA, and compliance with the Agent Attraction Pledge. Recipients of this award are named each quarter along with a special annual recognition that is presented at the EXPCON Awards Gala. 

This is where you come in! Recognition will be awarded to agents who are selected from candidates nominated by YOU, their agent peers, by our brokers, and by eXp staff. A program like this will only work if you take note of your fellow agents’ exemplary behavior and let us know about it. In a nutshell, as you work with other agents and you observe them not only having success, but also doing things ethically and honorably, we want you to tell us all about it.

Click here to nominate an eXp agent that deserves this recognition.

Agent Compliance @ eXp University

You’re invited to join eXp’s Agent Compliance team each week in the eXp University Theater as we host the Agent Compliance Weekly Series. This series of classes, held every Tuesday at 12 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. PT, covers various aspects of agent compliance and attraction compliance. Each class is unique and offers great information to help you keep your business-building activities compliant. Look for scheduled events on the Agent Compliance Workplace group or on expcloud.com. Classes are simulcast on our Workplace group.

Who – ALL eXp agents are encouraged to attend

What – Agent Compliance Weekly Series

Where – eXp University Theater

When – Every Tuesday at 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET (click here to obtain the most up-to-date-schedule)

How – Join us live in eXp World or streaming on Workplace!