Agent Attraction

At eXp we are breaking the franchise model as the most agent-centric brokerage on the planet. Part of what makes eXp Realty unique is that our agents can receive revenue share from the people they sponsor into the company. Sustainability is one of the fundamental and core values of eXp Realty and it is the collective intent of the agents and brokers of eXp Realty to attract credible, ethical and productive real estate professionals who are aligned with eXp Realty’s culture and core values. If agent attraction is of interest to you, we arm you with all the right tools to attract with integrity.

Agent Attraction Pledge

The Agent Attraction Pledge, and its companion document, the Agent Attraction Success Strategy have been created through a partnership with the eXp Realty Agent Advisory Council, eXp executive management, and input from many other Agents and brokers. These documents provide the standards of acceptable business behavior related to activities of Agent attraction with eXp Realty.

The Agent Attraction Pledge and the Agent Attraction Success Strategy are incorporated into the Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) and eXp Realty’s Policies and Procedures. It is the responsibility of each Agent to read, understand, adhere to, and ensure that he/she is aware of and operating under the most current version of the ICA, the Policies and Procedures, and agent attraction guidelines included in the documents below.

Letter Of Intent

If you are considering eXp Realty as your new home but have a brokerage to wind down or a team to bring over, you will need to complete the Letter of Intent form. Please read the Policies and Procedures carefully before completing and do not hesitate to ask questions at [email protected].

Cap Deferment Policy

Cap Deferment is designed for agents who have capped at their current brokerage and desire to have that cap anniversary date honored at eXp Realty.

Agent Attraction Marketing Resources

It is important to convey a consistent and accurate message when defining and discussing eXp Realty with potential agents. The “Introduction to eXp Realty” presentation aims to do just that. Here you can listen to a tutorial for how to best use the presentation and presentation downloads.

U.S. Slide Deck Presentations

Online Google presentation
Offline PowerPoint presentation

Online presentation
Offline PowerPoint presentation

Canada Slide Deck Presentation

Online Google presentation
Offline PowerPoint presentation

eXp Marketing Center

We also provide a variety of free, customizable agent attraction handouts in the eXp Marketing Center. Just visit expmarketingcenter.com and click on eXp Created Materials.

Every eXp Realty agent has a personalized agent attraction website. Share this with agents considering joining eXp Realty to explain our value proposition and opportunity. Personalized sites typically are http://agentname.exprealty.careers.

Attraction Services and Training

Attraction Services in eXp World

The Attraction Services room in eXp World is now available in eXp World to help with questions about attraction compliance, where to find attraction marketing resources, and more.

  • eXp World: Attraction Services is accessible via the GO TO menu of eXp World.
  • Email: [email protected]

eXp Realty Independent Contractors Agreement (ICA)

Agents can download a copy of their Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) directly from their eXp Enterprise profile.

When logged into eXp Enterprise:

  • Click My Business from the left sidebar menu
  • Click My Agent Profile
  • Click Documents tab
  • Select ICA from the Document Type grid
  • Click Download