eXp Lingo

Every industry and company has its own lingo. We do our best not to create an alphabet soup that creates a big gap in the language we use among agents, brokers and staff. Here’s a list of words that might stump eXp Realty newbies and veterans alike: Brokerage Operations:

  • AAC: Agent Advisory Council
  • APAB: Assistant Province Broker
  • ASA: Administrative Support Analyst
  • BEM: Brokerage Excellence Manager
  • BIC: Broker in Charge
  • BOA: Brokerage Operations Assistant
  • BODC: Brokerage Operations Director of Canada
  • CAN: Corrective Action Notice
  • CCA: Contract Compliance Analyst
  • CDA/DA: Commission Disbursement Authorization
  • CPS: Compliance Payment Specialist
  • DMB: Designated Managing Broker
  • E&O: Errors & Omissions
  • MB: Managing Broker
  • NAR: National Assoc of Realtors
  • PAB: Provincial Administrative Broker
  • PCC: Post Closing Correction
  • RAC: Regional Administrative Coordinator
  • TRX: Transaction Processing


  • EXPCON: Our premier event of the year. Held in the fall, all agents are invited to attend.
  • EXPI: Nasdaq stock symbol for eXp World Holdings, eXp Realty’s parent company.
  • IRL: In Real Life
  • ICON: eXp’s Program that recognizes the company’s top performers based on production levels

Agent Compliance:

  • AAUP: Agent Attraction Universal Pledge
  • FLQA: Front-Line Qualifying Active agent. A person an agent has personally sponsored into their revenue share group and has met production or participation benchmarks. An FLQA number is used to determine an agent’s eligible cascading revenue share
  • ICA: Independent Contractor Agreement

Who’s Who at eXp Realty:

  • Administrative Support Coordinator (ASA)(Staff) –The ASA is part of your COE Squad (Centers of Excellence Squad). They will be able to answer some state specific questions.
  • Agent Experience – The Agent Experience department includes eXpert Care, Agent and Team Onboarding, The Mentor Program and the ICON Program.
  • Agent Integrations Professional (AIP)(Staff) –The AIP processes your application and activates your license with eXp. The AIP works closely with your COE Squad to get you onboarded as quickly as possible.
  • Agent Onboarding – The Agent Onboarding department is available to help guide agents through their transition to eXp Realty. We are available through eXpert Care Concierge’s in the world, by email [email protected] and by phone (833) 303-0610.
  • Coach (Non-Staff) – A Coach is someone that an agent hires independently to help with business structure and productivity.
  • Contract Compliance Specialist (CCA)(Staff) – The CCA helps the Broker review files in SkySlope and communicate with agents about contract needs. They work at the direction of the Broker.
  • Designated Managing Broker (DMB)(Staff) – Your state broker is available to assist with all state specific questions regarding your license, association, contracts, documents, and compliance. DMB is an eXp term, your state may call them the Principal Broker, Designated Broker, Broker In Charge or other similar names. They are the Broker responsible for your license typically.
  • eXp University – The eXp University helps set agents up for success by offering live and On Demand classes in the eXp World and on Workplace. For more information about eXp University visit the eXp University Workplace group.
  • eXpert Care Concierge (ECC)(Staff) – The ECC is available in the world to help with all things eXp. If you do not know where to start, visit one of our concierge’s the world or call (833) 303-0610.
  • ICON Program – The eXp ICON Program highlights those who achieve exceptional sales volume and operate within our core values. We recognize their business acumen, integrity and cultural contributions by offering the opportunity to earn ICON Agent status. For more information about the ICON Program email [email protected].
  • Managing Broker (MB)(Staff) – The MBs in a state assist the DMB with agent support in all areas of the state operations. An MB must be qualified to hold agent licenses and supervise agents in the state. From teaching, to file review, to agent contract or legal questions, your MB is here to help you!
  • Mentor (Non-Staff) – Your assigned mentor is available to help with all things contractual and local information around sales. They will guide through at least your first three residential sales transactions.
  • Mentor Program – The purpose of the eXp Mentor Program is to provide new agents a learning platform where they will gain the fundamental knowledge required to start and build a successful real estate career. For questions about the Mentor Program email [email protected].
  • COE Director (Centers of Excellence Director) – The COE is a leader in Brokerage Operations who guides, coaches and oversees the State Team Operations and staff.
  • Sponsor (Non-Staff) – Your sponsor is the person most responsible for influencing you to come to eXp. Your sponsor’s role is to introduce you to eXp and guide you through the application process. Sponsors have no other expectations from eXp Realty besides introducing you to the company.
  • Sponsor Upline (Non-Staff) – Your Upline may· have resources or communications built for new to eXp Agents. Please check with Sponsor; however, please know the information, shared or accessible through Staff is always the most current so double check your guides, The HUB and with your State Concierge if you have any questions!
  • COE Squad (Centers of Excellence Squad) – Your COE Squad is available to help with all state related questions. You can visit your broker team in your state broker room in the world or you can email [email protected].
  • Team Integrations Professional (TIP)(Staff) –The TIP processes a team’s application to eXp Realty. The TIP works closely with the COE Squad to get the entire team onboarded as quickly as possible.