eXp Lingo

Every industry and company has its own lingo. We do our best not to create an alphabet soup that creates a big gap in the language we use among agents, brokers and staff. Here’s a list of words that might stump eXp Realty newbies and veterans alike:

    • AAC: Agent advisory council
    • AAUP: Agent attraction universal pledge
    • ASC: Administrative support coordinator
    • CCS: Contract Compliance specialist
    • DMB: Designated managing broker
    • EXPCON: Our premier event of the year. Held in the fall, all agents are invited to attend.
    • EXPI: Nasdaq stock symbol for eXp World Holdings, eXp Realty’s parent company.
    • FLQA: Front-line qualifying active agent. A person an agent has personally sponsored into their revenue share group and has met production or participation benchmarks. An FLQA number is used to determine an agent’s eligible cascading revenue share.
    • ICON: eXp Realty production award
    • IRL: In real life
    • MB: Managing broker
    • PAB: Provincial administrative broker
    • RAC: Regional Administrative Coordinator