eXp Realty Technology Solutions

eXp Realty is known throughout the industry as one of the most innovative brokerages, and its agents have access to some of the most powerful technologies in real estate — all included in the technology fee. This includes top-tier lead-generation software, transaction technology, content marketing tools, a private social community for collaboration as well as optional advertising support.

You also have the real estate office of the future at your fingertips. Our cloud campus environment is designed to increase your productivity and promote your bottom line.

Get to know our top technology tools that will help you successfully navigate eXp Realty and manage your business.

eXp World
eXp Enterprise
Transaction Management
eXp Passport
Lead Generation and Marketing
Workplace by Facebook
Optional Tools and Services (free or discounted)

eXp World

A unique and amazing part of eXp Realty are the agents, brokers and staff available “in-world.” Attend live classes, network with other agents and access support from any location.

If you’re always on the go, make sure you download the mobile app for iOS or Android, and check out this helpful Guide to eXp World Mobile.

Become an eXp World pro:

  1. Install eXp World on your computer and get eXp World mobile apps for iOS and Android
  2. Sign up for live eXp World training
  3. Attend one of the daily guided eXp World tours

eXp Enterprise

eXp Enterprise is your personal launch pad to all things eXp Realty. It gives you autonomy and greater visibility into crucial metrics and business intelligence, from a dashboard to view your transactions and commissions to a resource for marketing materials. Sign in to eXp Enterprise with your eXp Passport account.

Learn more about eXp Enterprise:
Visit eXp Enterprise

Transaction Management

We use SkySlope (U.S. agents) and Transaction Desk (Canadian agents) to allow agents to manage transactions from beginning to close — all completely paperless.

    • Review transactions from any device
    • Sign documents digitally
    • Run your business with top-grade security features

Watch SkySlope Transaction Management-Basic (U.S. agents)
Watch Transaction Desk Help and Support Webinars (Canadian agents)

eXp Passport

eXp Passport is our single sign-on system. With your eXp Passport account you can conveniently access many of the applications you typically use through a single, secure sign-on experience. eXp Passport is required to access most company applications.


If you experience difficulties with your account, send a help request to the eXp Tech Support team using this link: https://support.expcloud.com/portal/newticket

Lead Generation and Marketing

eXp Realty provides agents with kvCORE, a powerful platform that offers end-to-end, lead-to-contract management, including web and IDX, listing promotion, transaction integration and more. All eXp Realty agents receive the full agent version of kvCORE at no additional cost. For information on kvCORE for teams, visit the marketplace tab on your kvCORE dashboard.

Get started with kvCORE:

  1. Go to the “Optional Services” tab on your eXp Enterprise dashboard and opt in.  
  2. Watch kvCORE 101 Video
  3. To stay up to date, join the kvCORE/ Kunversion Discussion group on Workplace.

Get help with kvCORE:

  • Live tech support chat: Click the question mark icon at the bottom right on your kvCORE account.
  • Email: [email protected]


Making it Rain

A marketplace of digital lead generation products & countless helpful resources.

Digital marketing is your most effective way to maintain a reliable pipeline of quality leads. Making It Rain automates digital marketing programs, saving you time on learning complex digital marketing platforms (Google, Facebook, etc) so you can focus on selling homes!

“Quick Start” signup helps you easily customize your marketing programs to be up and running in under 15 minutes.

Marketing that Drives Results, Revenue and Return-on-investment.

  • Marketing programs that drive revenue and real business results.
  • Marketing budgets go farther – products built with best practices and automated optimization drive more results at a lower cost.

Sophisticated advertising made simple!  Visit MakingItRain.eXpRealty.com

Use the links below to learn more about Making It Rain today!

On-Demand Intro Course

Informational Website

MIR Dashboard

Workplace by Facebook

Workplace is an easy-to-use collaboration platform, a lot like Facebook, but built for the world of work. This private social community is where we share best practices, keep up on company news and events, share referrals and more.

At eXp Realty, we are obsessed with the future to improve the present, and constantly defining new business models and tools for our community of agents, brokers and staff around the world. With Safety Check for Workplace, eXp Realty now can better confirm who is safe or might need assistance in the event of a natural disaster or crisis.

Read the Safety Check FAQ for details on how it works, how to prepare by downloading the Workplace app on your mobile device and how to double check your listed location in Workplace. Anyone in the organization can request a Safety Check. If you are in the U.S., your request will go to the Admin Support Coordinator (ASC) in your area; if you are in Canada, your request will go to your Provincial Administrative Broker (PAB).

While we hope we rarely have to use this tool, we are grateful to have this safety net in place for our eXp family.

Click to confirm your profile on Workplace, and read eXp Realty Workplace 101 and Workplace Guidelines.

Optional Tools and Services